ADO Bus From Cancun Airport To Mahahual

New ADO Bus Schedule to Mahahual and latest up to date Transport to Mahahual info.

ADO is starting an additional route to Mahahaul daily from Cancun, starting today, July 1st, and making it even easier now to get to Mahahual. It is probably a good time for me to go over all the bus routes now available too, to help visitors better understand their options. Taking a bus to Mahahual, especially if you are staying in town and plan on just hanging out at the beach all week, and not traveling about the area a lot, is the only way to get there. The bus and shuttles are fast and easy, and usually much cheaper than renting, insuring and gassing up a rent car by the day, so check your options below and see if they might work for your next visit.

ADO, the 1st class bus service in the area, now does two Cancun to Mahahual buses a day. It is important to note, these buses do not go into or out of the airport. They only go to the city center depots in Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Playa Del Carmen. From there, you take the smaller sprinter type vehicles, and are marked airport, but they do not go into the airport. Those same vehicles are used normally for Cancun local airport work but until the volume gets higher, the smaller vehicles make more economical sense for the Mahahaul run. Many see the vehicles in town and think they go to the airport, but that is not true.

The service is however a very good one if you are okay with a bus transfer in either Cancun or Playa Del Carmen. For coming to Mahahual, it is usually best to take the airport shuttle they provide into the Playa Del Carmen depot. If you know how to do a night in Playa Del Carmen, the layover can be fun, so check our older blog on the “Fun Bus Trip” for more detail on how to do that. The bus to Mahahual leaves that same terminal each morning now at 8:00AM and arrives in Mahahual at about 11:30 AM. That bus returns in the evening at 5:00 PM and gets to PDC about 8:30 PM. This is the run they have been doing for the last year or so. They now have added another in the afternoon at 4:30 PM from PDC and arrives in Mahahual around 7:30. That bus returns the next morning at 7:00 AM and arrives in PDC at about 11:00. The bus departs from the Mahahual centro and tickets are for sale at Fernando’s store, across from where the bus parks each day.

When travelling by bus in Mexico, it is always best to have a “plan B”, so it is best to know about the second class buses too, which also work out of the Cancun and PDC depots and run much more frequent than the ADO. Not that the buses do not run on very good schedules in Quintana Roo, they do, and ADO is as good as any in Mexico, but even they have blips, so it is best to know how to do the second class Mayab buses, just in case. These buses leave about every hour and travel up and down highway 307, the main travel artery that goes from the north to south of the state. These buses have A/C and are comfortable, but make stops at any roadside bus stop, so they take longer than the more direct ADO 1st class buses. You can hop on one of these that is going south at any time and buy a ticket to Lemones, the last town before Mahahual on the main highway. From there, there are always taxis waiting that can take you the last half hour drive to Mahahual and the cost for that is $360 MX, about $30 US for a vehicle upto 4 people. For a detailed blog on this trip,check my blog on that subject here.

Fernando tells me that ADO is planning another once a day bus from Merida this summer at some point. This will be a welcome addition as well, as we have been directing people from the US and Canada to fly into that city to see a different and unique slice of Mexico. I’ll update this as soon as this new route is announced and has a schedule. No excuse now to say I would love to come to Mahahual, but I don’t want the long drive from the airport anymore. It is getting easier and easier all the time!

See you soon.

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    Information on how to take bus here.

  2. Randy says:

    As of today,ADO cost $420mxn, Cancun airport to Mahahual. However, they charge LESS if you take an earlier bus to Playa..$120mxn. Then, buy your ticket to Mahahual..$226mxn. $346mxn TOTAL. Less than $30.00 USD!! Now Mahahual need’s an ATM machine! HSBC pulled the machine from the Pemex, so there is no longer a reliable banking source.

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